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This is Luca, alias gogiangigo in FCP and other apple discussion forums. I am a video-maker and editor based in London (UK).

I started writing some FCP plugins  using FXscript late in 2008,  then a few more followed early in 2009.
The idea for a number of them came from the need to have specifically tailored effects for routine image control and adjust, others (i.e. Luca's Dual Flicker, Luca's Flash Transition, Luca's Lines, Luca's Frame Overlay and a few more) were inspired by posts on FCP forum about a desired effect, transition or generator not shipping with FCP.

I have worked on about 15 plugs so far and this page includes some of them. They can be used by FCE users too.

Most of them are simple plugins that can be easily and routinely used, a few are instead lite versions as I have developed or I am in the process to develop them further.

I am happy to offer them for free, however any donation would definitely represent a guarantee and an encouragement to add new free plugins, update the old ones, create or modify plugins specifically tailored for you when possible, keep this site up and running.

Please email me with your questions and feedback after you have used the plugs, this will help me to improve the current ones and create new others.

I wish to thank Joe Maller, whose websites and plugins have been an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge. Also special thanks to Graeme Nattress and Andy Mees.
Also thanks to everyone in FCP Apple forum.

Back with more new plugs hopefully soon!




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Site published: 12 March  2009